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BIRD & CAGE is a brand name for buffalo horn eyewear that’s hand made by Max Shustovskiy. 

About the Craftsman

Max Shustovskiy is a New York based eyeglass designer and craftsman with more than 20 years of experience in the optical business. During the last 10 years he worked for a cult eyewear designer Alain Mikli. A combination of talent and professionalism made his work highly valued by the company and its clients, among which are numerous celebrities, artists and business people. When Alain Mikli brand was sold to eyewear giant Luxottica, Max decided to launch himself in a new role and crafted his first pair of glasses. Very soon his frames became recognized and BIRD & CAGE became a brand. 

About the Brand

BIRD & CAGE stands for freedom of expression and individuality. Each pair of eyeglasses is made solely by Max from sketch to assembly and takes about 72 hours of meticulous hand work. BIRD & CAGE spectacles feature refined lines, noble materials and outstanding quality.

Eyewear is presented in two lines – “Bespoke” and “Ready to wear”. Precise attention to the details on every step of their creation results in the one of a kind eyepiece. It’s ideal for everyday and special occasion attire.

About the Material

BIRD & CAGE specs are made from buffalo horn. This noble material fascinates by its natural beauty and rare qualities. Its colors range from acacia honey to chestnut brown and charcoal black. It can be transparent and opaque, solid and multicolored. Horn is one of the first materials in the history of eyeglasses production, and still remains a luxury material, combining outstanding characteristics for the eyewear. Horn is lightweight . Each pair of horn eyeglasses is approximately thirty percent lighter than the same frame made from acetate. Horn is very pleasant to touch and nonallergenic, making it a real find for people with sensitive skin. It quickly adjusts to the skin temperature, making it incredibly comfortable for all seasons.

We are honored to present our collection of handcrafted eyewear to you!


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